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Habdank also impresses in the USA

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Habdank also impresses in the USA with its photovoltaic ground mounted system.

Assembling the modules - Habdank PV’s model ground mounted system in Michigan USA

Spurred on by the rapid growth on the German and Spanish PV markets, the worldwide demand for photovoltaic systems grew by an average of 51 percent per year between 2000 and 2008. As a result of varying legislative conditions in different European countries, the global market is in a state of permanent flux. New markets emerge, grow, and even positively boom while others stagnate. Maintaining a consistent overview is increasingly more difficult.

For HABDANK, as well as continued development of existing and new products, this means also promoting its existing market potential, further developing international activities and expanding forcefully into new markets.

USA: a future market with great potential...

Fitted PV modules – Habdank PV’s model ground mounted system in Michigan USA

HABDANK is therefore paying particular attention to the American market. – The US market has been an important motor for the photovoltaic industry, and not just since President Barack Obama’s recent symbolic decision on 5th October 2010 to have photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the White House.

The highest power requirement in the world, a perfect infrastructure, high levels of sunlight and availability of vast areas for photovoltaic installations, all offer long-term opportunities in the USA. Opportunities which HABDANK, a specialist in large-area, innovative ground mounted systems, is keen to exploit in future.




According to current market research, in the next four years the demand for solar panels in the USA is set to grow at the fastest rate compared to all other large-scale markets. Optimistic estimates predict a demand of up to 2,022 MW by 2012. In this period the USA will grow to be the second largest PV market in the world, after Germany.

First stage successfully passed...

Installed PV modules – Habdank PV’s model ground mounted system in Michigan USA

In the light of the rising demand for PV ground mounted systems in the USA, it was particularly pleasing for HABDANK when at the end of September this year, together with well-known partners in the State of Michigan, they were able to install the first model facility.

Peter Habdank, managing partner at Habdank, personally led the installation work on site and was the contact responsible for technical details. In line with expectations, all the customer’s requirements were successfully met. An important first step, which others will surely follow.

Fully in keeping with the company slogan “Solid Solutions“, in its future activities in the American market Habdank is relying on solid solutions and partnership-based collaboration and cooperation with its clients.


Thanks to healthy growth, innovative products and a highly motivated team of staff, which has practically doubled in size at the Göppingen Head Office in the past year, the company can look forward with optimism to tackling the exciting new challenges in the USA PV market.