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Solar park Ammerland 20,8 MWp in record time ...

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HABDANK PV system provider is creating Lower Saxony’s largest solar park in record time ...

30,718 rammed posts, 196,000 installed solar modules, an area of 81 football fields, power for 24,000 people produced and installed in just 8.5 weeks by the Göppingen company HABDANK-PV Montagesysteme. A performance that was made possible in this short period of time by the system provider HABDANK only thanks to the highest degree of professionalism in the planning, production and assembly..

Inaugurated on 28 October 2011 by the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony David McAllister, solar power for 6,000 homes will be generated on the former Oldenburg military airfield. The location where fighter bombers of the German Federal Armed Forces were stationed until 1994 will now be used to generate environmentally friendly solar power.

In total, HABDANK-PV assembled around 196,000 so-called thin-film modules produced in Germany (Q-Cells) on an area of 57 hectares on the facility projected by the principal GP Joule (Reußenköge, Schleswig-Holstein). With this technology (Q.SMART CIGS thin-film modules) the system is the largest of its kind in the world.

The substructure from the company HABDANK-PV installed by them on-site for the Ammerland solar park contains the production and assembly of 30,718 posts, 30,718 angle brackets, 98,000 module carriers and 59 kilometres of longitudinal carrier profiles with over 24 tonnes of bolts. Dimensions that are also not routine for HABDANK-PV but could still be efficiently accomplished thanks to years of professional experience and a high degree of technical expertise in production and assembly.

Up to 130 fitters were deployed by HABDANK-PV on peak days in order to complete the large-scale project on schedule. Because the substructure was primarily built on the former runways, in addition to the use of 8 rammers an additional effort of drilling the concrete surfaces was also required.

The thin-film modules were arranged crossways in 4 rows, as a result of which the maximum use of the available surface and maximum cost-effectiveness were achieved. For the substructure, high-quality components from the FA 06 system developed by HABDANK were used that have proven themselves worldwide in large-scale projects thanks to their tremendous stability, even under heavy stress due to wind loads. This provides the necessary security to continue serenely generating resource-conserving energy in future, even with heavy winds.

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